Danni Allen, Biggest Loser Winner

Danni struggled with her weight her entire life; she was always overweight, not extremely, but enough to not escape the ridicule of others.  Danni was always incredibly active, but that didn’t seem to change anything.  It wasn’t until her father was rushed to the emergency room fighting for his life that she realized wanting to change was no longer enough; she had to change and now.  Soon after that she took a chance and auditioned for NBC’s The Biggest Loser and was cast on the show weighing in at 258 pounds.  Fast forward to March 18th, 2013  she stood on top of that Live Finale scale for the last time!  The numbers trickled down and she had dropped 121 pounds, 47% of her total body weight and won NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Since winning the Biggest Loser, Danni completed her first marathon in Chicago,  summitted Mount Ena in Costa Rica (3,200 meters high), became a certified Yoga Instructor and has made it her mission to help others with their weight struggles.  “With my knowledge from some of the best trainers in the nation and my own experiences, I try to teach people that the scale does not show proof of fitness and that there are so many ways to keep fit!

She tells us one thing she changed and has stuck to 100% since losing the weight is keeping a clean, all natural diet.  “The first change I always recommend to people is to cut artificial ingredients and eat REAL food. We are creatures of habit and in order to change for the long haul, we need to create new “healthier” habits, and that doesn’t happen over night.”  You’re so right Danni and welcome to the Amazing Grass family.[component key=”full-width-carousel” images=””]