Danny Bopp, Nascar Driver

Danny Bopp was just eleven years old when he first entered into the world of competitive racing and under the guidance of his father, legendary crew chief and chassis builder Glenn Bopp; he quickly rose through the semi-professional ranks.

He debuted in the NASCAR Whelen Super Late Model Series in 2010, making an immediate impact, finishing tenth in his very first race and earning the Hard Charger Award. In addition to racing, Danny also performs stunt driving in many productions.

Since 2006, Danny has been taking Amazing Grass products, never missing a day. He says, “Honestly, I feel I am always alert, responsive, and have the endurance to take on the day when I take my Lemon-Lime Energy. Amazing Grass has helped me in both my racing and stunt driving when it comes to training and performing at my best when it really counts. I’ll take Amazing Grass the rest of my life.”


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