4 Surprising Tips to Make Tough Decisions Easier


Now that the carefree summer months have come and gone, life for many of us returns to routines, deadlines and inevitably, important decisions must be made along the way. Of course, making difficult decisions is often easier said than done. Are you someone that struggles with choosing one option over the other? Do you obsess about which decision is the right one or simply cannot wrap your mind around the consequences of a specific choice? You’re not the only one.

While making difficult decisions is often what moves us forward in life, many of us are often paralyzed by the decision itself. Perhaps both choices seem fantastic or perhaps neither of the options are all that great. At times, perhaps the decision you make is to not to make a decision at all. Of course, that choice can have its consequences too.


Here are our 4 favorite tips for making tough decisions a little bit easier.


There is no right or wrong: Although many of us obsess with making the “right” decision, “right” and “wrong” should really be left out of the decision making process entirely. Unless you are a guest on the price is right, there is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” answer. Since it’s likely no one has had to make the exact same decision you are about to make, each of us has the power to completely define and live out our choices as right or wrong. Plus, perhaps you make the “wrong” decision, but somewhere down the line it leads you to an opportunity you never could have imagined. Stop focusing on right and wrong and start focusing on what feels best in your heart.


Write a pro and con list: Everything is a little bit easier when you see it on paper. Even the act of writing a list can illuminate things you may have not initially considered. If you’re struggling with making a decision, take some time to sit and write a pro and con list without being distracted or stressed. Consider your options again once you’ve gotten them down on paper and see if the decision has become a bit clearer.


Seek advice: At the end of the day it’s important to do what’s best for you and not for someone else. Having said that, sometimes the advice of others can be just what you need to move forward. Whether you simply talk out your options with a friend or seek the advice of someone who’s been down this path before, hearing what your options are from someone else can help illuminate things you may not have seen initially.


Sleep on it…but not for too long: Hopefully no one is forcing you to make a decision before you’re ready. Normally, we all have at least 24 hours to think things through. Our immediate feeling about something may in fact be the right one, but after taking some time to reflect, you may find yourself more inclined to go against your first instincts. While sleeping on it for a day or two can help ease the stress of making a difficult choice, waiting to make a decision for too long can make the situation worse. Give yourself a deadline after you’ve had some time to think so that you don’t run out of time.


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