5 Memorable Gifts for Every Mom

Flowers, chocolate and breakfast in bed.  Are you looking for some unique ideas to make this Mother’s Day amazing for your Mom? We have some creative and thoughtful tips to make this Mother’s Day the best and most meaningful yet!


Upgrade the family videos: Can anyone else relate to the huge bag of old family videotapes sitting in the corner of your Mom’s closet? Chances are you got rid of your VCR player ages ago and those cherished family memories have been stuck in a bag ever since. Wouldn’t it be really special for the entire family to be able to watch those again this Mother’s Day minus the hectic run around of hooking up wires or searching high and low for an old school video player. Companies like Wal Mart and iMemories.com offer affordable services to send in all your old family tapes or film and have them transferred to DVDs. Not only will this gift be great for Mom, but it’s a gift that can be transferred down from one generation to the next!


Make her (healthy) food: Breakfast in bed is a no brainer for Mother’s Day. But with so many Moms trying to stay healthy and fit, do they really want a huge pancake breakfast or sugar-laden waffles? They might, which is fine. But another idea could be to treat your Mom to something healthy! Maybe it’s a fresh omelet with local, seasonal veggies or nutrient-dense smoothies using Amazing Grass that both of you can take on the go with an exciting Mother’s Day adventure like a hike or road trip!


Plant an herb garden: With summer just around the corner, fresh herbs are in high demand. Instead of having to run to the grocery store for herbs in a little plastic package, wouldn’t it be great to give your Mom the gift of fresh herbs at her fingertips? Whether it’s helping her plant an herb garden in the backyard or picking up the Garden-In-A-Can Herb Set from Back to the Roots, your Mom will be so thankful for such a fresh, healthy and unique gift!


Bake, cook & clean: Mother’s Day should be a day for your Mom to feel pampered. Why stop at breakfast? This Mother’s Day, not only can you treat your Mom to a delicious (and hopefully healthy!) breakfast, but you could also offer to cook for her for the rest of the day and clean up too! Nothing is more amazing than home-cooked delicious food and a clean house, and we think your Mom would agree!


Buy an experience: So many of our houses are stuffed to the brim with things and your Mom’s house is probably no different. Perhaps this year would be the perfect time to get your Mom an experience for Mother’s Day instead of a physical gift. Creating memories can sometimes be the best gift of all! If your Mom is an art fan, consider getting her a membership to a local Museum. Maybe she loves theatre and there’s a show she might love tickets to? If you need some more ideas, sites like Groupon and Living Social offer some great ideas for experiences on a budget and can provide some great inspiration!