17 Ways to Get Your Greens

Feeling uninspired when it comes to incorporating greens into your diet? Not to worry! Here are 17 fun and easy ways to get those greens into your daily routine!

  1. Smoothies: From smoothies to smoothie bowls, incorporating leafy greens or our Green Superfood powders is as easy as it gets!
  2. Oatmeal: Whether you blend some of our Green Superfood into a bowl of oatmeal or get fancy with a bowl of zoats, this is a quick and easy way to incorporate greens first thing in the morning!
  3. Almond Milk: Step up your almond milk game by adding a scoop of leafy green superfoods!
  4. Kefir or Yogurt: Yogurt and Kefir are way more fun when they’re green, right? Add some nutrients to those probiotics for a gut-healthy snack!
  5. Water: Looking for simplicity? Nothing says simple like scooping some of our Green Superfood into a glass of water!
  6. Soups: Not only can you add fresh leafy greens to soups and stews, but our Green Superfood can make an easy edition to any comforting soup.
  7. Energy Bites: Try these No-Bake Superfood Pumpkin Bites for a delicious and nutritious pick me up!
  8. Popsicles: The options for adding greens to popsicles are endless… these Dreamy Creamy Orange Greensicles or Green Smoothie Detox Pops are enough to get your started!
  9. Muffins: These Leprachaun Zucchini Muffins are great for St. Patty’s Day or anytime you want an extra helping of greens in your morning routine!
  10. Juice: Whether you’re blending fresh leafy greens into a homemade juice or using some of our Green Superfood, juice is a delicious and easy way to incorporate greens.
  11. Pancakes: These Gluten Free Green Pancakes are so delicious that if it weren’t for their color, you would never know they contain nutrient-dense greens!
  12. Cupcakes: Cupcakes and greens, because life is all about balance, right? Check out our recipe for these Superfood Vanilla Protein Cupcakes.
  13. Hot Chocolate: Cozy up on the couch with this Superfood Hot Cocoa.
  14. Veggie Burgers: Add some nutrients to your main course with this green superfood Black Bean Burger!
  15. Sauces: From Creamy Avocado Dip to Pesto, Adding our Green Superfood to your favorite sauce is as easy as scooping and stirring!
  16. Salad: Whether it’s fresh leafy greens or adding our Green Superfood to your favorite salad dressing, salads are a no-brainer solution for incorporating greens.
  17. Mocktails: Take a sip of this Pineapple Jalepeno-Infused Mocktail for a spicy and nutrient dense pick me up!