Superfood Their Lunch Boxes

It’s definitely hard to believe, but summer is officially coming to an end. The craziness of back-to-school is nearly underway and more than ever, finding creative but easy ways to stay healthy are in high demand. Here are five of our favorite back to school-friendly recipes that the kids will love, all with hidden superfoods!


Smoothies Galore. Smoothies can make a great breakfast to-go or a delicious part of a packed lunch, especially when they include filling plant-based protein. This Maple Blueberry Smoothie or Island Groove Smoothie are both easy, no-fuss ways to ensure you and your kids get your daily superfood fix.


Grab one of our bars. Did you hear? We re-launched our bars! Click here to read all about it on the blog! From greens to fruits & veggies to plant-based protein, our new and improved organic superfood bars provide on-the-go whole food nutrition your body needs to feel amazing every day!


Burgers to go. These delicious and easy-to-prepare Superfood Black Bean Burgers are perfect for making in advance and packing to-go. From superfood greens to protein-rich beans and irresistible seasoning, these burgers is a no-brainer for back-to-school.


Superfood Pancakes. Worried about busy mornings and not being able to prepare a nutrient dense breakfast? Think again! These gluten-free Green Pancakes contain not just Amazing Grass Superfood Greens, but spinach as well! The good news is while these may look green, you can’t taste the veggies at all. Make a batch in advance to simply warm on busy mornings or keep the batch of batter in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.


A better fruit leather. Fruit leathers may already seem like a perfect lunchbox addition, but what if we told you we made it even better? Using our Wild Berry Kidz Superfood, these Mixed Berry Fruit Leathers contain 4 whole food ingredients and are a great snack for the whole family.