DIY Life Hacks to Feel Amazing

When we think about making changes in our lives, we often get overwhelmed about breaking our routines. But what if change didn’t have to be painted with such broad a brush? What if we could make just a few small changes that may seem minimal on the surface, but that actual make a huge difference in helping us feel amazing? Spring is the perfect time of year to grab onto the energy of changing seasons and get a little crafty.


With these simple, DIY hacks, we can easily change up our routine with minimal effort, but with a whole lot of fun and reward!


Throw a pin on your favorite jacket: Although pins might not be something you’ve thought about since High School, perhaps there’s a reason we thought they were so cool back in the day. Adding just a little extra pizazz to your favorite jacket could bring you a little bit of joy each day.


Make your own shorts: Another DIY project you may not have done since you were a kid is using an old pair of jeans to make a new pair of shorts! Since summer is just around the corner, rethink what you’re going to do with those jeans that you were otherwise going to toss!


Re-imagine the bandanna: Transitioning from winter to warmer weather without breaking the bank is always a plus. Use that bandanna you’ve been using to keep warm as a hair-tie instead!


Turn that trash into a garden: The truth is, a garden can be anything you want it to be. Instead of tossing that water bottle you just finished, simply cut off the top, add a bit of soil and seeds and watch new life grow!


Rethink the mason jar: Looking for some simple spring cleaning hacks? Grab some of those mason jars you have laying around, paint them your favorite color and use them for pens, paperclips, etc. You’ll have your desk organized before you know it!