Organic Elixirs – Fermented Greens and Adaptogenic Herbs

With summer officially in full swing, we’re all looking for ways to cleanse, increase energy and feel our best. But, with busy, summer schedules, finding the time to incorporate healthy eating & self-care practices can be challenging. What if there were a simple way to increase our bodies intake of nutrients, reduce stress and support our gut health, cognition & anti-aging? Well, there is!


Introducing our new Organic Elixirs! With a different blend for Brain, Belly & Beauty, each contains easy-to-digest fermented greens and 6 adaptogenic herbs that help to reduce stress. We’ve designed the Elixirs to help you easily incorporate nourishing ingredients into your day and give your body a boost in whatever area you think needs it.


Used in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, adaptogens are a unique group of herbal botanicals that are used to improve the health of the adrenal system and your bodies ability to adapt to stress. By helping to calm the adrenals and lower the flow of stress hormones in the body, adaptogens are used as an “everyday” way to strengthen the body’s own adaptive resilience to any number of life’s stressor’s.


Acting as your body’s own personal thermostat, adaptogens do just as they say – adapt – and work to amplify the body’s ability to self-regulate key systems, offering balance and support wherever YOU particularly need. So, regardless of where your body needs it, the 6 adaptogens that we’ve included in each of our elixirs – Moringa, Ashwaganda, Reishi, Cordyceps, Schisandra & Mucuna will adapt to support your individual needs.


Along with easy-to-digest fermented greens and functional ingredients targeting natural beauty, cognition and gut health – our new Elixirs can be mixed with water or juice, added to a smoothie or blended into your favorite recipe! Feel amazing from the inside out with these three new & delicious blends!