Rhiana de Hoyos Shares Sustainability Secrets

“What if I told you “you already have everything you need.” Would you believe me?


I hope so.


We have so much stuff. Most of which we don’t actually need. I can’t even tell you how many jars I’ve purchased in the last 15 years before realizing that I already have a jar collection in my fridge. Which brings me to my top re-purposing hack: jars. What can’t you do with jars? I haven’t bought a drinking glass in years. Why? Because I reuse jars. Where do I keep my homemade oil-free granola? In an old Vegenaise jar. I’ve seen some folks create lamps, candles and even bake cupcakes in jars. I say save your jars and go crazy.


My second re-purposing hack? Empty cans. Bean cans, corn cans, tomato sauce cans, etc. Again, I’ve seen some people make art out of old cans. I’m not that patient, so I use cans as vases for flowers or mini pots for herbs.


My third re-purposing hack: old t-shirts. I like to cut them up and either crochet mason jar cozies (and secure with velcro) or use macrame techniques to create necklaces. The latter is a fun way to get children involved if you’ve got ‘em.


Re-purposing hack number four is a cheese grater. Silly, right? Considering I don’t eat cheese. But a cheese grater makes for a fabulous earring holder. I have a lot of earrings and they’re not just studs but long dangly thingamabobs with beads, stones and shells. So, there ya go. Sit with that one.


And my last re-purposing hack? An old yoga mat. If you cut it up and hang it on your wall it becomes a bulletin board. Cute, huh?

* Written wisdom thanks to guest Rhiana de Hoyos – plant-based freelancer and creator of the magical Insta account @rhianamygdala