Resolutions don’t work. Waiting all year to change something you kinda, sorta want to do, because you feel like you should, doesn’t make for the best commitment. Where do these resolutions come from anyway? They tend to creep in through our social circles, articles we read, so on and so forth. The fact is these big changes don’t magically happen overnight just because a new year is upon us.


Bad news? It’s a lot less glamorous than that. Good news? It’s a lot less glamorous than that.


A big change is really just a bunch of small daily changes, added up. Small daily changes are doable, so forget about the year – this is your life. Join us in saying no to resolutions and yes to scoopolutions – simple daily solutions. Here are four scoopolutions you can begin today.


Do it Daily – If there’s a goal you have your heart set on, dedicate time each day towards this goal. It’s helpful to track your progress, which can be as simple as jotting down a few notes. If you love pen to paper, try a Knock Knock journal. If you’re a digital diva, create a special notebook in Evernote (tip: the Evernote app syncs seamlessly from phone to computer so can track your progress from literally anywhere).


Hydrate – Everyone talks about how important it is to drink water. While there’s no dispute there, often times, we’re still not getting the water we need. Set your water intake goal. Keep a reusable water bottle nearby (we love practical Hydroflasks or trendy S’well Bottles), and tally on a post-it every time you fill it up. If need be, set a reminder on your phone.


Get Moving – Losing weight, getting fit, toning up – these fitness-related intentions are perhaps one of the most common resolutions. Instead of focusing on an overhaul of getting to that ideal weight or earning a 6-pack, we’re opting to just get moving everyday. That’s it. And it’s totally doable. Whether it’s waking up a few minutes early to stretch and do some jumping jacks, walking it out on your lunch break, playing with your kids, walking your dog, just get moving.


Eat Healthy – Rather than focusing on removing the junk, focus on adding the good. Add a scoop of Amazing Grass to your daily routine. By committing to one scoop everyday, you’re getting a powerful blend of nutritious greens, phytonutrient-packed fruits, veggies and cereal grasses, digestive enzymes and probiotics. All that in one scoop? Yep. #Scoopolutions


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