How to Totally Rock Your Health Goals in 2019

Caitlin Shoemaker of From My Bowl provides her best tips to keeping those 2019 intentions .

There’s nothing wrong with having a New Year’s resolution, but it is a little strange how most of us fall off the bandwagon in a month or two. Here are 4 easy tips to help you accomplish (and totally rock) your health goals in 2019:

  1. Pick a sustainable goal
    If you order takeout every night or haven’t been to the gym in 5 months, odds are you aren’t going to start daily Meal Prepping and become an extreme fitness god(dess) overnight. Pick a realistic goal for yourself, otherwise you’re much more likely to feel overwhelmed and give up. It’s okay to have a larger long-term goals, but you’re much more likely to keep at it if you celebrate the baby steps along the way!
  2. There’s nothing wrong with a “Life Hack”
    Whether it’s a quick-and-dirty workout when you’re pressed for time or tossing a scoop of the new Amazing Grass Glow Protein (which has greens and supports collagen synthesis) in your smoothie – get it, girl! (or guy). We’re all busy people – if something helps you get to those goals faster, go for it! As long as it’s health-promoting, and not illegal, of course 😉
  3. Find an accountability buddy
    Things are always easier with a friend – health and fitness goals included! Whether it’s your bestie, your mom, or a public Facebook group, you’ll feel way more motivated to get things done when you have to report your progress to someone else. Plus, you and your buddy can help build each other up when the going gets tough!
  4. Determine your motivation
    A wise friend recently reminded me that most of our actions are driven by either fear or love. Do you want to hit the gym because you feel insecure, or because you find joy in your movement and want to celebrate your strength? Are you determined to eat healthier because you’re scared you won’t “look as great”, or because it helps you to feel your best and take on the day? While both roads may drive you to the same end result, your journey to get there will be far more enjoyable if you treat yourself with kindness. After all, you’re pretty great already!

3 Healthy Morning Habits for Busy People

Caitlin Shoemaker of FromMyBowl shares with us the 3 morning habits we can start incorporating in our every day.

Whether you have a long commute, like to sleep in, or are just a busy person who likes to get sh*t done, many of us don’t have time to sit down and slowly savor our mornings. That doesn’t mean, however, that we have to ditch the healthy habits! These easy habits will give you a great kick start to your day, all while getting you out the door in no time flat.



1. Wake up to sunlight
There’s nothing quite like waking up to a jarring, obnoxious alarm, right? …wrong! Studies show that waking up to gradually increasing sunlight helps to regulate your body’s biological clock. This is easy during the summer when the days are long, but can get a bit tricky during those dark and dreary winter days. To counteract this, try investing in a light alarm clock, which wakes you up with gradually increasing light as opposed to noise. Don’t worry though – you can still choose a peaceful tune to wake you up in case you miss the first wake up call.


2. Meal Prep
As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But so many of us “skip” it or resort to pre-packaged options when we are pressed for time. Preparing your breakfast ahead of time ensures that you’re not going to go hungry, and that you’re going to be well-nourished with food that loves you back. Overnight Oats and Chia Seed Pudding are always great options. If you’d like something a little more refreshing, try out some Smoothie “Ice Cubes!” Simply blend your favorite fruits and/or veggies together ahead of time, pour the mixture into an ice cube tray, and freeze. All you have to do in the mornings is add a few cubes to your blender along with some liquid and your favorite Amazing Grass Protein Powder of Choice (I recommend the Vanilla or Chocolate Protein & Kale Line), and you have a well-balanced meal!

Protein & Kale Smoothie Bowl
Protein & Kale Smoothie Bowl


3. Make it Special
Even if you’re just rolling out of bed, throwing on some clothes, and brushing your teeth, try to find some joy in your morning routine and make it special for you. Setting aside a few minutes every morning to “center” yourself and prepare for the day ahead starts your day on a high note and can help increase your productivity. Whether it’s playing a favorite song, dancing in the shower, or waking up a few minutes earlier so you can sit down with that cup of tea or coffee, all small acts are still good acts 😉


In the Field: An Interview with Audra Mulkern

Founder of The Female Farmer Project, Amazing Grass interviews Audra Mulkern on her views and experiences about the farming industry. We ask openly, she answers candidly – we dig deep. Join us and read what’s next.

For the readers, let’s do a quick one-liner of who you are:

Audra Mulkern – Founder, The Female Farmer Project, Executive Producer, Women’s Work: The Untold Story of America’s Female Farmers.


Where are you based?

My favorite places are in a pasture, barn or the capitol building, but often I’m in an airport or in my office/studio in a rural community outside of Seattle WA.


You’re a storyteller for the untold, but what about your story? What was your first look into farming which has ultimately brought you here?

I’m an alumnus of a large software company where I used to do business development and project manage development of very cool 3D software and audio for the internet. In 1999, I had my first child and began to pay attention to who was growing my food and then began to actively seek locally produced food. One of the things I learned in the software is to pay attention to interesting business models and become an early adopter of them. I became a member of one of the first CSA programs (Community Supported Agriculture) in the region. It was eye-opening to experience the vegetables I had never seen or cooked with before – I felt as if my whole life had been limited to lettuce, broccoli and carrots, now I was eating strange looking things like kohlrabi and sunchokes. As my children got older, I became more actively involved with the local farms and tried helping them tell their story utilizing this exciting new social media platform – Facebook.

The time spent with farmers at the market resulted in a book called Rooted In The Valley. The response to the book was so overwhelming that I realized others wanted to know more about their local farms and farmer as well. Then one summer, while standing in the middle of my local farmers market, I was surprised to notice that behind every single table was a woman farmer. Then I was surprised to be surprised. So I took myself to the library and began a months-long search for women’s role in agriculture, looking for stats, pictures, and came up empty-handed. That was the beginning of The Female Farmer Project – a documentary project to illuminate the modern role of women in agriculture. I am currently in fundraising and pre-production-mode of documentary film that does the same for the history of women in agriculture – starting with the original American female farmers – the first nation women. We begin shooting Women’s Work:The Untold Story of America’s Female Farmers in August.


With The Female Farmer Project, you meet an array of people and travel to all these places. What’s one story that hit home for you?

Its hard to point to one story, so many of them are rich in their diversity. They do share a narrative thread that I try to amplify as often as I can. Many of the women farmers I meet are first generation. So they aren’t inheriting the farm, they’re starting from scratch with land and education. Women farmers have a harder time accessing the capital needed to buy land –even though statistically they’re a better credit risk! One of the great efforts by American Farmland Trust is their Women For The Land Initiative, they are helping women to access farmland, education and mentorship in order to be successful farmers and businesswomen.

But if I had to pick one hero, its definitely Karen Washington. She lives in the South Bronx area of New York – an area that suffers from poverty and is the poorest district in the nation. One of the struggles in the South Bronx is access to fresh produce which contrasts sharply with Manhattan, its only five miles away yet home to some the world’s finest dining. Karen had a vision that the empty, abandoned lots in her community could be filled with gardens and people growing food. Despite the odds, she was successful. So successful that she needed to start a weekly market in order to get the food into people’s hands – her mission was that if you come to market hungry, you will not leave market hungry. She recently retired from her job as a physical therapist and has been farming full-time with 3 other women at Rise and Root Farm. She’s in her late 60’s and she’s just getting started!


Now that’s amazing. What about you though? You have a full plate as well. Take us on inside the life. What happens in your every day?

Like everyone else I have to tackle in email inbox, I also manage my social channels and try to read as many articles and white papers about what’s happening in the agricultural world. Some days I work on my keynotes and presentations, other days I grab my camera, throw on my boots and go visit a farmer. I also have a podcast “The Female Farmer Project” with my co-host Kate, who is a future female farmer – we cover topics from financing the farm to different business models for diversifying income. The entire team, including myself are volunteers to this project. I also have a volunteer board of directors for our non-profit film production company, Demeter Productions.

I’m in progress of researching and writing the documentary film with my research assistant, Greta. Also, my writing partner, Debbie and I have been publishing a series of pieces in The Guardian about water issues, agricultural worker suicide and have one publishing soon about farmland loss. The Female Farmer Project team have been advocating and working with legislators to get legislation and funding for behavioral health services for those who work in agriculture and were able to get a bill passed here in Washington State and have bills actively working through Congress for the 2018 Farm Bill.

In order to do and fund all of the above, I take on commercial photography work and its fun to walk into grocery stores and see my photography covering entire walls, or on food packages on the shelves.

I also have two teenaged kids, two dogs and a very supportive husband of 27 years. If it sounds like a lot, it is. But all self-inflicted! I struggle to find time for me, and I know I am not alone in that regard. But my work is extremely fulfilling on many levels.


More about you – describe yourself in 3 words?

Passionate, Thoughtful, Creative.

And on the topic of the farming industry, how would you describe that in 3 words?

Foundational, Misunderstood, Struggling

From what you’ve seen, heard, and discovered. What’s the 1 thing we/society should be being paying attention to?

Our Un-Instagrammed Food. One of the most important things we do every day is eat, so shouldn’t we learn more about how who grew or raised it, how it got to our plate, and how we can support the people who make it happen? From the farmers, farmworkers, truckers, dishwashers, cooks, the list goes on of invisible people in our food system. As Rooftop Farmer, Annie Novak says – “ignorance is not bliss, it’s disempowerment.” Instead of just taking a picture, we should empower ourselves and learn a bit more about how our food system works.

…And of course, we just gotta know. What makes you feel amazing every day?

Giving an unsolicited compliment to a stranger. Eating well. Hugging my kids. Amplifying the voices of female farmers.

That’d make us feel amazing too. Thanks for your time and insight, Audra. Where can we find you and stay in touch online?

IG: @rootedinthevalley

Twitter: @femalefarmers @womensworkdoc

Facebook: /femalefarmerproject /womensworkdoc

Audra Mulkern, The Female Farmer Project

*Amazing Grass is raising up to $50,000 to support American Farmland Trust. You text, we donate – by just texting “Ilovefarmers” to 54815 you’re already contributing. Follow more on the campaign here.


Travel Survival Blog

Hitting the road soon? While your home routine might keep you glowing, it’s not always easy to keep your healthy habits while you travel. Here are some of our tips to keep you happy and healthy no matter where your trip takes you!

  1. Stay Hydrated
    Whether you’ve got a long flight or just long hours in the car, traveling is dehydrating. Dehydration can leave you with a headache or just feeling generally fatigued. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water not only en route, but also after you arrive.
  2. Be Active
    Vacation can involve a lot of lounging and downtime, so get up on your feet when you have a chance. Even a short walk or stroll can make a big difference in your physical vitality, and try using a step tracker or Fitbit to monitor your activity.
  3. Get your Nutrients
    Not sure if your next meal will be nutritious? Have some insurance on hand with our Effervescent tablets. Easy to drop into a water bottle, these tablets are crafted with an organic blend of alkalizing greens including wheat grass, barley grass, and alfalfa grown on our family farm in Kansas plus a potent blend of over 30 antioxidant-rich superfoods.
  4. Plan Ahead
    Planning your meals ahead of time will help ensure you don’t end up with nothing but processed, unhealthy choices. If you’re traveling by car, stock up on healthy snacks like fresh veggies and nuts. Once you’re at your destination, check out restaurant menus online before you head out so you know you’ll have healthy options.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to return from your trip feeling rested and rejuvenated.


All about Kale by Health Coach & Holisitic Nutritionist, Cara Carin Cifelli


I once read an inspirational quote that went something like this… “Any time you doubt yourself, just remember that kale used to be a salad bar garnish!”

And you know what? I find that truly inspiring.

While I might not be the most popular leafy green on Instagram, I am able to see some of my own growth from just being a “garnish,” something on the sidelines so to speak, to actually making a difference in peoples lives by improving their health, much like kale.

As a health coach, I teach my clients about what I call Body Wisdom (which is also the title of my book) and it is having a deep understanding and connection to your intuition, and the unique needs of your body.

You see, I am not really into following fad diets and wellness rules, I prefer to trust that the best way for me to eat is already programmed into my body and that we all have the ability to be our own health experts.

One thing that has made a difference for me over the years is incorporating some of Amazing Grass’ superfood products in my life. I even used to sell Amazing Grass’ individual superfood packets in the grab and go section of a café I used to own. Basically, me and Amazing Grass…, we go back! Their products are truly something I attest to and stand behind.

But their latest goodie, Protein & Kale, has taken center stage and has been on repeat at my place.

Growing up I was familiar with just about every other popular leafy green but kale, and now it’s as popular as ever and for good reason! It’s a substantial green, making it great for both cooking or consuming raw but what I love the most about it is the nutritional value.

Just one cup of kale contains:
• Nearly 3 grams of protein
• Antioxidants to help combat oxidation
• High in Lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrients that give kale its color and protect eye health
• Omega-3 fatty acids to help with brain and cell health
• 2.5 grams of fiber to feed your gut bacteria, support digestions, stable blood sugar and keep you feeling full

But I totally get that not everyone wants to eat cups of kale every day. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to nourish your body and receive its benefits which is where Amazing Grass’ new Protein & Kale protein powder comes into play.

It’s an easy to use, versatile protein powder loaded with kale as well as alkalizing greens including wheatgrass, barley grass and alfalfa.

It comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors that you can add to a smoothie, use in baking recipes or simply add your liquid of choice and give it a good stir or shake.

It’s kinda like eating a salad but the salad tastes like dessert.

Who said eating healthy wasn’t easy and delicious?


5 Tips to Stay Healthy at Holiday Parties

How to holiday party with cheer instead of fear.

With the holiday season approaching, it can be hard to resist the endless treats and indulgences at parties and gatherings. No one wants to toss all their healthy habits out the door so we came up with a way to stay on track with these 5 tips to stay healthy at holiday parties.

Don’t show up hungry

If you arrive at a party already famished, it’ll be that much harder to stick to your healthy habits. Make sure to have a light, healthy, plant-based meal before you leave the house.

Load up on veggies

There may be tons of rich items to choose from, but most parties will have a veggie plate. Eat plenty of veggies with your more indulgent treats and you’ll help slow down your intake of heavier foods.

Drink plenty of water

Whether you’re drinking alcohol or juice, make sure you’re staying hydrated with water. Staying hydrated helps manage your appetite and also helps balance high sodium party snacks.

Cover your nutrient bases

If you expect to be eating a lot of meals at parties, it can be hard to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need. Mix Amazing Grass with water or juice for a powerful blend of nutritious greens, phytonutrient-packed fruits, veggies and cereal grasses, digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Bring a healthy dish

If you don’t expect to have a lot of healthy choices at your next party, bring a healthy option with you. Try plant-based recipes like a hearty cabbage salad, homemade kale chips, or fruit salad.




Feel Well Rested & Energized as Ever With These Fall Rituals

The sun is setting earlier and it’s time to get into a fall rhythm! Though we’re missing long summer nights, fall is a great time to check in with our bodies and prepare for the upcoming change of season. Need a few tips to gracefully enter the colder months? We got you covered. Feel well rested & energized as ever with these fall rituals…


Wind down earlier
With the sunlight hours decreasing, try going to bed earlier. If you’re an early riser, waking up while it’s still dark can be a challenge, so hitting the sack earlier can mean you wake up more rested. Aim for 8 hours of sleep a night.


Decompress before bed
Bedtime rituals are important for ensuring a good night’s sleep. If you often have trouble falling asleep, incorporating some relaxing activities an hour or two before bed will help you reach a peaceful slumber more easily. The blue light from screens and devices has been shown to disrupt sleep cycles, so switch to a book or magazine before bed. Dim the lights in your room and consider some gentle stretching, breathing, or meditation.

Get some sun

If the darker season tends to make you tired, get outside when you can. An afternoon walk in the sun can be energizing and invigorating. If you find yourself really missing the light in the evening or early morning, try a sun lamp, which mimics the light from the sun.


Don’t skip exercise
If you often exercise outside, you may be tempted to skip your workout as temperatures drop. Whether you layer up or just start using a gym, find a way to stay active in the colder months. Studies show that people who exercise during the day often sleep better at night.


5 Ways to Keep the Summer Magic Alive All Year Long

Between vacations, trips, and no school, summer lets us have fun and relax. With Fall officially here though, the days are growing shorter and the nights longer. But there’s no reason to lose the summer spirit. Here are 5 ways to keep the summer magic alive all year long.


Spend time outside. Temperatures may be dropping, but if we layer up we can still enjoy some sunshine. Whether you have a favorite hiking trail or just prefer a stroll around the block, don’t let shorter daylight hours keep you from getting on your feet!


Exercise in unconventional ways. Summer often has us exercising without it feeling like a stale routine. Try hula hooping or jump rope for a fun, upbeat workout!


Grill outside. Before it gets too cold, keep grilling your summer faves through the fall. Try grilled veggies brushed with olive oil.


Travel. Since most people travel in the summer months or over holidays, fall is a great time to find affordable rates for flights and hotels. Take a long weekend and discover a new place!


Eat seasonally. Summer offers us a bounty of produce, but each season continues to bring us a harvest. To stay in season after summer, incorporate squashes, root vegetables, and dark leafy greens.


How to Stay Healthy & Avoid Junk-Food-Fails on Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are an exciting way to explore new places and destinations. When you travel by car, your whole route becomes part of the experience. Though road trips can be a fun way to travel, it can often be difficult to find healthy options and eat well en route. Here are some of our tips for staying healthy on a road trip!

1. Plan your non-perishables ahead of time. So long as you have room in the car, stock up on your non-refrigerated items before your trip. We like raw nuts, dehydrated veggie chips, and rice crackers.

2. Pack a cooler. If you have a reliable way to keep things cold, you can pack fresh fruits and veggies and organic dairy like yogurt or string cheese. If you plan on staying in hotels, you can check that they have a mini-fridge to re-freeze your ice packs each day.

3. Stay hydrated. Being in a car for long hours can be dehydrating, so pack a case of water so you never have to stop when you need a drink. Even better, consider buying larger jugs of water and filling reusable bottles!

4. Add greens. It can be hard to pack a lot of nutrition in a small package, but our Green Superfood packets and Wheat Grass packets make it easy. Add a packet to organic juice for a powerful blend of nutritious greens, phytonutrient-packed fruits, veggies and cereal grasses, digestive enzymes, and probiotics.

5. Stop at grocery stores. Don’t forget that your only option isn’t fast food or convenience stores. Make a point to stop at grocery stores along the way to load up on healthy snacks when you run out. Many grocery stores often have affordable salad bars and other healthy options.