All about Kale by Health Coach & Holisitic Nutritionist, Cara Carin Cifelli


I once read an inspirational quote that went something like this… “Any time you doubt yourself, just remember that kale used to be a salad bar garnish!”

And you know what? I find that truly inspiring.

While I might not be the most popular leafy green on Instagram, I am able to see some of my own growth from just being a “garnish,” something on the sidelines so to speak, to actually making a difference in peoples lives by improving their health, much like kale.

As a health coach, I teach my clients about what I call Body Wisdom (which is also the title of my book) and it is having a deep understanding and connection to your intuition, and the unique needs of your body.

You see, I am not really into following fad diets and wellness rules, I prefer to trust that the best way for me to eat is already programmed into my body and that we all have the ability to be our own health experts.

One thing that has made a difference for me over the years is incorporating some of Amazing Grass’ superfood products in my life. I even used to sell Amazing Grass’ individual superfood packets in the grab and go section of a café I used to own. Basically, me and Amazing Grass…, we go back! Their products are truly something I attest to and stand behind.

But their latest goodie, Protein & Kale, has taken center stage and has been on repeat at my place.

Growing up I was familiar with just about every other popular leafy green but kale, and now it’s as popular as ever and for good reason! It’s a substantial green, making it great for both cooking or consuming raw but what I love the most about it is the nutritional value.

Just one cup of kale contains:
• Nearly 3 grams of protein
• Antioxidants to help combat oxidation
• High in Lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrients that give kale its color and protect eye health
• Omega-3 fatty acids to help with brain and cell health
• 2.5 grams of fiber to feed your gut bacteria, support digestions, stable blood sugar and keep you feeling full

But I totally get that not everyone wants to eat cups of kale every day. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to nourish your body and receive its benefits which is where Amazing Grass’ new Protein & Kale protein powder comes into play.

It’s an easy to use, versatile protein powder loaded with kale as well as alkalizing greens including wheatgrass, barley grass and alfalfa.

It comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors that you can add to a smoothie, use in baking recipes or simply add your liquid of choice and give it a good stir or shake.

It’s kinda like eating a salad but the salad tastes like dessert.

Who said eating healthy wasn’t easy and delicious?


Julie Morris – Natural Food Chef and Superfood Expert

Julie Morris is a Los Angeles-based natural foods chef and superfood expert, regular on-camera personality, and author of five cookbooks, including the New York Times bestseller Superfood Smoothies (now translated into ten languages). A pioneer in cooking with superfoods, Julie is known for her approachable style and creative, stunning recipes that showcase how to use nature’s most amazing foods – from cacao to goji berries to kale to maca root. Having worked in the natural food industry for over a decade, she currently enjoys her time as a sought-after recipe developer and consultant for leading food companies and cutting-edge restaurants, and is a frequent magazine contributor featured in Wall Street Journal, GQ, Vegetarian Times, Oprah, and many more.

Julie’s health journey started as 20-year old, while she looking to energize and heal from a debilitating experience with chronic fatigue syndrome. Superfoods quickly became the effective and dynamic answer, and impassioned her to help others enjoy the simple secrets behind renewed wellness, too. Ever since, Julie has spoken around the world as an ambassador within the plant-based cooking movement, with a singular mission motivating her: to help make a vibrantly healthy lifestyle both easy to achieve and delicious to follow.

Connect with Julie on Facebook @superfoodcuisine, Instagram @superfoodjules, and Twitter @greenjules. Visit for additional recipes and inspiration.


Chanelle Sladics, Professional Snowboarder

XGames medalist Chanelle Sladics can look back at a successful career of competing at the highest level of snowboarding. Originating from NewPort Beach, she defied the odd’s of becoming one of the best slopestyle riders in the world, leading the progression of the sport for many years with her solid tricks, laid-back style and playful competitiveness.

Chanelle is a woman who always have had her hands in multiple buckets, making her transition from being a professional athlete, to hosting and commentating for TV, web and live events nearly seamless. Her valuable insight and personal background from the playing field catapulted her into big gigs like sideline reporting  and commentating at prestigious events like XGames, Winter Dew Tour, US Open and The World Championships. She has truly made her mark with her comradely and “down to earth” approach, bringing out the most honest stories and bridging the gap between spectators and athletes.

Today, with a strong love for the mountains and oceans and a genuine drive to provide solutions, Chanelle started a reusable glass drinking straw company in 2010 with her family, called Simply Straws. By using her platform as a professional athlete to help educate and shine light on the environmental issues that plastic is causing, Chanelle can confidently say that she is a part of the solution.

Chanelle is also a certified yoga teacher and has been coaching at The Oakley Progression Sessions for over 5 years.  Her passion to teach and her quirky gypsy yoga vibes creates a safe space to get weird, try new things, and expedite the learning process. In an effort to expand her knowledge base and safety, she recently completed her Wilderness First Response certification. She doesn’t stop there- with a growing love for food and living a healthy vibrant lifestyle, Chanelle has immersed herself into the world of agriculture, specifically permaculture.  In 2013 she graduated her certificate course in permaculture design, a sustainable approach to both farming and architecture.

You can follow Chanelle on Instagram (@Chanellesladics) and check out her new website at to see her latest project and adventure!



Danni Allen, Biggest Loser Winner

Danni struggled with her weight her entire life; she was always overweight, not extremely, but enough to not escape the ridicule of others.  Danni was always incredibly active, but that didn’t seem to change anything.  It wasn’t until her father was rushed to the emergency room fighting for his life that she realized wanting to change was no longer enough; she had to change and now.  Soon after that she took a chance and auditioned for NBC’s The Biggest Loser and was cast on the show weighing in at 258 pounds.  Fast forward to March 18th, 2013  she stood on top of that Live Finale scale for the last time!  The numbers trickled down and she had dropped 121 pounds, 47% of her total body weight and won NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Since winning the Biggest Loser, Danni completed her first marathon in Chicago,  summitted Mount Ena in Costa Rica (3,200 meters high), became a certified Yoga Instructor and has made it her mission to help others with their weight struggles.  “With my knowledge from some of the best trainers in the nation and my own experiences, I try to teach people that the scale does not show proof of fitness and that there are so many ways to keep fit!

She tells us one thing she changed and has stuck to 100% since losing the weight is keeping a clean, all natural diet.  “The first change I always recommend to people is to cut artificial ingredients and eat REAL food. We are creatures of habit and in order to change for the long haul, we need to create new “healthier” habits, and that doesn’t happen over night.”  You’re so right Danni and welcome to the Amazing Grass family.[component key=”full-width-carousel” images=””]


Chris Burkard, Professional Photographer

At the age of 28, Burkard has established himself as a known name in the surf and outdoor industries, accomplished a deep body of work, held staff and senior photographer positions and has been recognized continually for his distinct creative compositions. Currently, Burkard serves as Senior Staff Photographer for Surfer Magazine, contributes regularly to various international publications and is a project photographer for Patagonia as well as several other respected brands. Burkard has completed multiple book projects, one with friend and co-author Eric Soderquist, titled “The California Surf Project” (2006) and the other, “Plight of the Torpedo People,” accompanying Patagonia body surfing film, “Come Hell or High Water” (2012). Russia: The Outpost Vol. 1 (2013) from a surf adventure in Russia and Distant Shores (2013) a comprehensive look at Chris’ career through images from 10 of his favorites countries.

Burkard and his wife, Breanne, have two sons Jeremiah and Forest. They live in Arroyo Grande, not far from their home town of Grover Beach.
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Chris Bangs, Professional Mountaineer and Adventurist

12 years ago, Chris Bangs traded in his car for a bicycle for better access to mountains and trails for his adventures. To date, Chris has ridden his bicycle over 20,000 miles to go rock climbing, ice climbing and skiing on the best routes, in the best locations in North America. Yosemite, the Canadian Rockies, the Bugaboos, the Wind Rivers, the Grand Tetons, Mount Rainier and all over Montana, to name a few of his destinations. Chris says, “This has become my passion. I got hooked on the pure adventure of a human powered expedition. I fell in love with living on the road for months at a time and random encounters with other people. My adventures taught me a lot about myself and the world around me. I learned the hard way about eating the right foods and living a clean lifestyle.”

Along his journey, Chris has inspired others to join his adventures and has created Human-Powered Mountaineers, Inc. which specializes in self-supported expeditions. Through Human-Powered Mountaineers, Inc. Chris hopes to raise awareness for organic foods as an athlete, and help education people about proper nutrition and the benefits of eating plant-based, while experiencing some of the most beautiful places in the country.
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What keeps Chris fueled? “I use the Amazing Meal both for recovery from my daily workout routines and powering up during the intense binge style training that I put myself through to get ready for an upcoming expedition. I also use the Amazing Meal extensively once I’m on expedition, because of how easy it is to get all the protein and greens I need on a daily basis. And the Amazing Meal travels very well, mixes easily with just plain water, and it tastes great.”


Amie Valpone, Culinary Nutritionist and Chef

Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP is the Editor-in-Chief of; she is a Manhattan based Personal Chef, Culinary Nutritionist, Professional Recipe Developer, Food Photographer, Writer and Motivational Speaker specializing in simple gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free ‘clean’ recipes.

Amie healed herself from a decade of chronic pain including Lyme disease, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Heavy Metals and much more exhausting every doctor in the country and Mayo Clinic. She shares her story of how clean eating and detox saved her life and inspires you to clean up your food, too.

Amazing Grass has been lucky to have Amie create and share many recipes using Amazing Grass products over the years, including savory pesto, orange goodness juice, and more! Amie’s favorite Amazing Grass product? Our Wheat Grass powder, in fact, Amie would prefer to chew on the wheat grass pellets straight from the farm if she could!

Amie lives in Manhattan, NYC where she cooks for a variety of clients including celebrities and people with busy lifestyles who enjoy healthy, organic, whole foods. Amie’s work appears on Martha Stewart, Fox News Health, WebMD, The Huffington Post, The Food Network, Glamour Magazine, Clean Eating Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Prevention Magazine, PBS and many others. Visit Amie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest @TheHealthyApple.


Cari Merriam, Certified Yoga Instructor

Before she moved to Denver, Cari Merriam lived in New York City for 7 years.   That period of her life was a roller coaster of ups and downs. She got caught up in a very wild life, which lead her down a path of self-destruction. Eventually she came to a crossroads in her life and she knew she needed to take the first step to self-healing.   Remembering how much fun she had as a little girl snowboarding with her family in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, she decided to head west.It was there, where she stepped foot into her first yoga class at CorePower. Being so positively influenced, she found her calling and became a 200 hour RYT Yoga Instructor and went on to get her certifications in Yin Yoga and Yoga Sculpt as well.

Cari currently teaches for Core Power Yoga and Prana throughout the Denver area. Her continued quest for self-healing and the belief that there is a bigger purpose led to the foundation of her brand, Physis Yoga. Cari’s story is inspiring to many and she continues to grow and challenge herself and those around her.

You can follow Cari on Instagram (@cariphysisyoga) and YouTube ( ), where she posts recipes, workout tips, and yoga videos.


Danny Bopp, Nascar Driver

Danny Bopp was just eleven years old when he first entered into the world of competitive racing and under the guidance of his father, legendary crew chief and chassis builder Glenn Bopp; he quickly rose through the semi-professional ranks.

He debuted in the NASCAR Whelen Super Late Model Series in 2010, making an immediate impact, finishing tenth in his very first race and earning the Hard Charger Award. In addition to racing, Danny also performs stunt driving in many productions.

Since 2006, Danny has been taking Amazing Grass products, never missing a day. He says, “Honestly, I feel I am always alert, responsive, and have the endurance to take on the day when I take my Lemon-Lime Energy. Amazing Grass has helped me in both my racing and stunt driving when it comes to training and performing at my best when it really counts. I’ll take Amazing Grass the rest of my life.”


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