Oxygen Magazine features Amazing Meal Café Mocha

January 2014’s edition of Oxygen Magazine included an article titled “Go Au Naturel.” The article featured five all-natural products that will keep you lean and eating clean and Amazing Grass’ Amazing Meal in Café Mocha was included! “Café Mocha from Amazing Grass blends green organic superfoods (such as acai, maca and flax) with 10 grams of protein, sinfully decadent chocolate and rich coffee to make a tasty all-in-one drink. Bonus: Each serving delivers 100 milligrams of caffeine – same as a cup of coffee.”
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“January 2014 Oxygen Magazine cover”
“Buzz Alert! Amazing Meal Café Mocha featured as all-natural product to keep you lean and eating clean.”

Amazing Meal comes in four additional flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Chai, Pomegranate Mango, and Original. Café Mocha is the only flavor in the group to have the added plant-based caffeine but all Amazing Meal blends offer a satisfying mix of protein and superfoods that provides amazing energy and amazing health. Boost your smoothie or simply add to water or milk!