Professional snowboarders get real about healthy eating!

Professional snowboarders Chanelle Sladics and Kjersti Buaas know what it’s like to push their bodies to the max and in their line of work that can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Chanelle was lucky enough to grow up with influences that educated her on healthy eating and she in turn passed that education onto Kjersti.  Once they discovered the power of food, they began digging deeper into the benefits and impact this healthier lifestyle had on their lives and the world around them. Four-time Olympian, Kjersti, says her eating habits didn’t change until she met Chanelle.  “Looking back, I was often sick or had a stuffy nose and was constantly running low on energy.  To my surprise I was still able to achieve so much, yet I was nowhere near my potential. I am confident that the food I eat and the lifestyle I live today is the biggest reason I can still fly over 75-foot jumps at 33 years young.”

So what does ‘eating healthy’ mean to them?

“We like to say that healthy eating is conscious eating. Knowing the value and benefits of organic, local farming, the power of “raw food” and how best to give our body the nutrients it needs to recover from our daily activities and thrive! Learning that the way we eat matters for us, the planet, and future generations. Cutting down on eating meat makes for a more balanced Eco-system inside and outside our bodies. By supporting organic farming we keep the harmful chemicals out of the air, the soil, the water, and our bodies as there are no hidden toxins to run from, not to mention how delicious food is again?”

To read more from Chanelle and Kjersti, including their favorite superfood smoothie head over to the BLDG 25 blog.


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