Real Simple Magazine’s 6 delicious new snack bar selections

“Tuck any of these tasty finds into a child’s knapsack or your purse for easy on-the-go snacking.” Real Simple Magazine introduces readers to 6 new snack bar options on the market today.

Amazing Grass’ Sweet and Savory Almond bar was chosen because it offers “A refreshing change from many too-sweet bars, this bar is packed with whole nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. A “superfood” infusion of greens like spinach and alfalfa (don’t worry, you can’t taste it) adds an extra-healthy kick.”
With 10 flavors and functions, including the Sweet and Savory Almond bar, you are sure to find a bar that fits your needs and tastes great! We’ve taken our alkalizing Green SuperFood, with antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables and combined them in a bar that will satisfy your hunger and deliver nutrients to your body the way Mother Nature intended…unprocessed, organic and delicious.

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Amazing Grass Sweet and Savory Whole Food Nutrition bars are “a refreshing change from many too-sweet bars.”